Enhancing the Soft Skills of Your Employees, Office Staff, & Supervisors

The Professional Skills Series

Self Assessment Skills

Assessing yourself and others for maximizing workplace effectiveness

People Skills

Developing effective people skills for professional success

Communicating Skills

Becoming a highly effective public and personal communicator

Professional Image Skills

Learning key habits, protocol and etiquette for professional success

Team Skills

Developing key practices for building strong teams

Ethical Skills

Developing strong character and ethics for long term success

Mentoring Skills

Providing and receiving effective workplace mentoring relationships

Managing Skills

Developing key practices and skills for managing others

The Professional Skills Series

Half-Day Roundtable Discussion Group

How Does It Work

Three Delivery Method Options:

  • Modules taught as day-long seminar (8:30-4:30pm)
  • Modules facilitated in half-day roundtable discussion groups (8:30-12:30pm)
  • If a business has their own in-house training staff, our trainers certify them to conduct the program

Resources: Each module includes an easy to follow 55-page course book for all participants for ongoing reference and usage. There are six optional Learning Assessments for businesses that choose to implement the entire program as a structured Training Academy.

Day-long Seminar Class


“We needed further training for our 1,300 plus employees. Our Vice President of Human Resources, Director of Training, & staff worked in partnership with the Momentum Makers team to develop and implement the Professional Skills Series. Our employees have given very positive feedback regarding the effectiveness and practical usefulness of this training.”

Rose Holloman, Director of Training TowneBank, Suffolk VA


What Does It Cost?

  • Day-Long Seminar Classes: We provide a customized package and price quote depending on how many people and how many modules are to be taught.
  • Half-Day Roundtable Group: $2,500 per day with 4-7 people in a Roundtable Group.
  • If operating the program with your own In-House Trainers, there are three fees:
    1) $3,000 Fee to Certify all your trainers,
    2) $5,000 Annual License Fee to operate program, and
    3) $25 Book Fee per person for each module.

2017 Harvard study shows every dollar spent on Professional Development training brings 256% Return on Investment