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The graphics for the Self-Assessment Skills, Professional Image Skills and Communicating Skills modules are larger than the graphics of the other modules next to them. This causes the text below each of these graphics to be misaligned with the text of the other graphics. Please resize the graphics to match the others.

Modules for Standard Police Academy Training (each is an 8 hour class, total = 1 week)

Self Assessment Skills

Assessing yourself and others for maximizing workplace effectiveness

People Skills

Developing effective people skills for professional success

Team Skills

Developing key practices for building strong teams

Professional Image Skills

Learning key habits, protocol and etiquette for professional success

Ethical Skills

Developing strong character and ethics for long term success

Advanced Modules for Additional Seminars (each is an 8 hour class)

Communicating Skills

Becoming a highly effective public and personal communicator

Managing Skills

Developing key practices and skills for managing others

Mentoring Skills

Providing and receiving effective workplace mentoring relationships

The Professional Skills Series

How Does It Work?

  • We certify your Instructors to teach the program (2 day seminar)
  • All participants obtain a 50 page course manual for each class
  • Our Trainers are available as Guest Instructors (optional)

What Does It Cost?

  • Annual License Fee = $3,000
  • One Time Orientation / Certification Seminar = $2,400 (plus T & L)

(for 1-4 Instructors and One Administrator)

  • Course Materials = $30 per book (or $200 for a complete set of eight)

2017 Harvard study shows every dollar spent on Professional Development training brings 256% Return on Investment