Soft Skill Training


Middle & High School Students

This program will prepare students for life success and position them for desired college acceptance and scholarships. We suggest you implement the program across several grade levels (such as 7th-10th), so students can complete the program prior to their busiest high school years and have it on their transcript by Junior year. Suggested order & module groupings:

7th Grade

People Skills

effective people skills for professional success

Team Skills

key practices for building strong teams

8th Grade

Communicating Skills

a highly effective public and personal communicator

Professional Image Skills

key habits, protocol and etiquette for professional success

9th Grade

Self Assessment Skills

yourself and others for maximizing workplace effectiveness

Ethical Skills

strong character and ethics for long term success

10th Grade

Managing Skills

key practices and skills for managing others

Mentoring Skills

and receiving effective workplace mentoring relationships

The Professional Skills Series

“We’ve had great success among our students.”

Mark Keating, Director of Upper School
Veritas Collegiate Academy, Virginia

How Does It Work?

  • Your instructors teach the program to students
  • We come to you to certify the instructors (2-Day seminar)
  • We provide the six assessments, PowerPoints etc.
  • Students buy Course manual for each module (8 total)

Veritas has had over 300 students complete the program!

Course Assessments

Momentum Makers provides 6 assessments for each of the 8 modules:

  • Attendance & Participation Log
  • Reflection Paper Guidelines
  • Book (and Reading Log)
  • Oral Presentation Guidelines
  • Open Book Test (And Answer Key)
  • Take Home Assignments


What Does It Cost?

  • Annual License Fee = $3,000 (payment plan optional)
  • Course Manuals = $30 each (students should purchase)
  • 2-day Certification / Orientation Seminar for up to 4 Instructors, 1 Admin
    (One-time Fee = $2,400 (plus trainer T&L), additional Instructors = $500 each)

2017 Harvard study shows every dollar spent on Professional Development training
brings 256% Return on Investment