Product Creation

Purpose of the Professional Skills Series

  • At the center of Momentum Makers vision and strategy is the Professional Skills Series.
  • The Professional Skills Series consists of eight training modules that provide an employee or student with key soft skill training for personal and organizational success.

Creation of the Curriculum

    • Kevin & Carol Hinman founded a nonprofit training organization 25 years ago. They created a highly successful curriculum to train nonprofit leaders. That curriculum was a 1 million dollar budgeted project.
    • In 2013, TowneBank, a 10 billion dollar bank headquartered in Suffolk, VA, offered to fund the additional research and development to create the Professional Skills Series.
    • The core of the curriculum was based on the previously developed nonprofit curriculum.
    • The project took one full year to complete.
    • TowneBank utilized the courses for professional development within their in-house department known as Towne University.

Curriculum Tested in the US and Overseas

    • The modules were taught and tested at TowneBank as well as Allegra Printing Company, and F.H. Gaskins Co. (an industrial valve company).
    • The modules were also taught and tested overseas with the Corinthian Group, a security firm with 1,000 employees in Quezon City, Philippines.
    • After a year of highly successful field testing, it was made available for the public.