Cyril VargheseCertified Trainer

Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Cyril’s professional journey began with an engineering degree, yet his true calling emerged not in building machines, but in empowering people. Recognizing this passion, he ventured to the USA, where he earned a master’s degree from the School of Human Behavior and Sciences at Regent University , to later focus on leadership and public speaking coaching.

Today, as a dedicated trainer at Momentum Makers, Cyril channels his expertise to guide professionals in honing their career trajectories through professional-skills development.

Cyril also independently equips leaders and seasoned speakers alike with the art of effective communication, enabling them to cultivate respect, admiration, and a loyal following among their peers and followers.

Certified Trainers

Our Certified Trainers are expert instructors who we assign to go on location and teach the Professional Skills Series modules. They will bring the topic to life and produce effective results with your employees or students.